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 Click HERE for an Access125 overview from HCC President Ron Kreutzer.   

In the 2025/26 season the Huntsville Curling Club will celebrate its 125th anniversary. Over the next few seasons, the Club is embarking on the final stages of renovation plans to create a fully accessible facility and to set the foundation for the next 125 years!

Given the age of our core building infrastructure, substantial changes are required to make HCC fully accessible. As such, $500,000 in additional renovations at the Club have been forecasted, including:

  • an accessible club entrance, 
  • a lift to allow participants to move to each level of the club, 
  • accessible washroom and change room facilities.

HCC has introduced a capital campaign called Access125 with a goal of raising over $125K to be used to pay for the lift and the Accessible club entrance.

Access125 runs from Sept. 2023 to mid-2026 and consists of a number of FUNraising events (such as Saddle Up Huntsville!), Stewardship and Naming Rights.  We are seeking corporate, service clubs, family or individual donors or sponsors to assist us in meeting our Access125 goal. Be sure to check this page regularly for updates and upcoming events.

Stewardship: One aspect of Access125 is a Stewardship campaign. The HCC is working with curlers, past & present, as well as the community, service clubs, and sponsors to support Access125 through a 3-yr pledge. We have set up a curling house “motif” to align potential donation levels with a curling term, as well as how we plan to acknowledge and recognize Donor support.

To Donate to Access125, click Donate Now Tax receipted donations!

Donor table:

Curling Name 3 yr pledge
Total donation
Amount donated
Guard $375 $125 Website
12 foot $750 $250 Donor Wall -12'
8 foot $1,500 $500 Donor Wall - 8'
4 foot $2,500 $833 Donor Wall - 4'
Button $5,000 $1,667 Donor Wall - Button
8 Ender $7,500 $2,500 Patrons Cabinet
Wick   Anything < $375  


For more information about how to make a 3 year pledge or about Access125 in general, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Donate to Access125: How it works

Step 1: Determine your donor level & whether it will be a one time donation or a 3 year pledge. For a 3 year pledge, please inform Kristen Hamilton, either in person or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for tracking purposes.

Step 2: Decide if you will donate online or via Cheque to the HCC

2a. If you are donating online:

You can donate to Access125 here. This link will take you to the HCC Access125 Project at the Ontario Sport Network(OSN). 

  • Click the RED Donate Today button and fill in the online form. 
  • Enter your donation amount, note it will show up ‘As A One Time Donation’. 
  • If you are making a 3 year pledge, you will need to repeat this process for Year 2 and Year 3, and that way you will also receive tax receipts for your future contributions. Don’t worry, the HCC will send you a reminder.
  • Select “Huntsville Curling Club (Access125: HCC Accessibility & Club House Renovation) for the Organization Name
  • If paid by Credit Card, OSN will automatically email you your tax receipt.
  • If paid by cheque (drop off at the HCC office), your tax receipt will be sent later
  • Please do not select DUPLICATE receipt due to an additional $2 admin fee

2b. If you are donating via Cheque

  • Drop off your cheque, payable to Huntsville Curling Club, to the HCC Office
  • Cheques will be collected and mailed to the OSN
  • Once deposited, the OSN will issue tax receipts to the HCC, who in turn will send the donor an email with their tax receipt.

3. Feel gratitude for making a difference through your support of Access125. HCC will use information from the OSN to record and recognize your support.

Full details on Access125 can be found by clicking HERE.

Donate Now Tax receipted donations!


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