Developmental League

(Sunday’s 2:30-4:30PM)

This league is for those that are brand new to curling, recent graduates of Curling 101, returning curlers who have been away from the sport for a few years or more experienced curlers who are looking to try to develop their skills as Skip or Vice or just looking for more ice time.  This developmental league encourages people to be supportive of one another and try new things.  Everyone will be put on a team with an identified position and there will be a schedule of games for each of the 7 weeks in the draw.

There will be coaches available to assist with delivery or strategy and of course your team and other participants will be there to assist you to feel comfortable with your role on the team.  This will be a 2-hour time slot and we anticipate that 6-7 ends will be played allowing for some time for review and instruction (as desired).  New curlers to the club will be provided an introduction to curling during week 1 and then join in with the team.

The time of this league may move to 2:00pm – 4:00pm on Sundays for Draws 2 and 3.

To register for the developmental league please complete the following and return to :

New Curler Registration form for all new curlers and Curling 101 graduates.

Existing unlimited member – just sign-up on Entry Bulletin Board or email to let us know that you wish to join

Existing single game per week – sign-up on Entry Bulletin board and if this is an additional game then provide cheque to Club Coordinator to move from single game per week to unlimited.

Note: 2 weeks at xmas the club is closed