The 2017 AGM for the Huntsville Curling Club was hosted at the club on Wednesday June 21st 2017.  Almost 100 members were in attendance.  Many arrived early to enjoy a social time and dinner prior to the start of the formal program.

Key Highlights:

John Furner, Club President opened the AGM with his opening remarks highlighting the many accomplishments at the Club this season. Among these was: receipt of a $150,000 Trillium Grant for the replacement of our plant and equipment with the newly installed equipment ready to start the season on time!  HCC hosted several OCA events including the U21 Mixed Doubles. We also received a second grant from Trillium for $75,000 to fund the feasibility study for the build of a new multi-purpose facility to host the Curling Club as well as participating partners including Huntsville basketball, soccer and baseball.

Mark Inglis from York Urbanist who has been working with HCC and our partners spoke to the members about Curling as a Business and the progress towards the build of our Multi-purpose facility.  He sees a great deal of opportunity for the future of the club.

Ron Kreutzer, Membership Director reviewed the proposed fees for next year with a recommended 3% increase for regular season members.  The increase could be avoided by paying fees prior to July 16th.  The rates proposal was accepted by the membership.

Beth Goodhew, Growth and Technology Director announced that HCC has been awarded a $62,000 grant over the next two years from the Ontario Sports and Recreation Community Fund to promote the development of a sustainable youth program at HCC. This grant will  enable the Club to hire a full-time co-ordinator to build the Youth program and manage ice utilization to ensure enjoyment by our growing membership.

“It will give us a chance to strengthen our Club by providing training, including coaching and volunteer development, build capacity for activity for our youth in the community, and will help remove barriers to participation such as physical capabilities or financial constraints,” she said. “We are looking ahead to build for the future with our youth development, grow the base with new members and focus on better retention of our existing membership.”

The goal, she told the meeting, is to go from the current 219 members to 403 by 2021-22, in time for the opening of the new facility.

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